Tips to Buy Nice and Smart Baby Girl Dresses in the UK

When it comes to buying beautiful and complementing dresses for baby girls, the last things a parent wants to do is to rub the little princess in the wrong way – or the feet stamping comes out. Baby girls dresses in the UK come in an extensive range of comfortable and appealing apparels that do not require too much effort, which we all know is handy when you are trying to get your little madam dressed. Although there are no simple rules for shopping, the right dress allows for easy episodes of feeding, burping, soothing and changing. Knowing some basic rules about baby girl dresses, your little one can enjoy their world in style, but most importantly comfort. Here at Be Belle Boutique we’ve put together some hints and tips to take into consideration when buying clothes.

While shopping online for baby girl dresses, there are a few parameters that you must take care of as a parent to gift your little one with comfort. It is imperative that you know about the sizing in the first place. Most of the sizes are planned as per the age of the baby and it is important never to buy undersized clothing as this will take away their space and leave the baby feeling uncomfortable.

0-3 months
3 months    
3-6 months

6-9 months

9-12 months

12-24 months

24-36 months

36-48 months

 48 months plus. 4 size will not have diaper space while 4T includes the diaper space.

Quality over quantity
The second important thing is to take into consideration is to not buy in bulk. Buying smaller numbers of baby girl dresses in the UK is better because the baby tends to outgrow them quickly. Buying smaller numbers of outfits allows you to buy the perfect size, and in turn its fits perfectly and they look adorable – not swamped. Although, if you are in doubt about the size to choose, always pick the larger one.  As babies grow fast you get more wear out of the clothes by going for the bigger size and you can adjust them for the growths spurts, by rolling up the long sleeves or tucking in the long tees.   
Baby soft fabrics
Babies are endowed with satin soft skin, but it is important to remember their skin is sensitive. Most of the experts would recommend using cotton clothing. However, soft cotton blends also work well with babies. It is recommended to wash your clothing before first use, using a non-biological detergent and conditioner, making their clothes perfectly smooth for their sensitive skin. A light fabric is also useful for those hot summer days, a light cotton will keep your baby nice and cool and allow them not to overheat. 

Changing disasters
A dress with a lot of buttons can be difficult to handle especially if you have a wriggly baby. Here at Be Belle Boutique we think we can all relate with the struggles of changing time, baby wriggles and you struggle to put the clothing on them and it ends up being more of a war between you both – and if they don’t cry you will. Give yourself a helping hand and go for items with zippers and snaps, they are the faster and easier option. Clothes with stretchy neck holes and snaps at the collars can slide gently over the head of the newborn. There are lots of places you can buy attractive and comfortable baby girl dresses in the UK, why not take a look a look at our online shop for our extensive range of baby girl clothes, shoes and accessories.